We set the standard for gender equity in the U.S. workplace. 

Visionary leaders like you demand tangible solutions to systemic challenges.

You know that gender equity in the workplace is no longer a talking point, it’s a standard demanded by your next hire, your top client, your loyal customer.

Queen City Certified guides you from insight to implementation. We help you identify and close gaps through our proprietary assessment and survey methodology. With hands-on coaching and mentoring, we give you the tools to redesign organizational policies, disrupt biases, and shift company culture. Our process doesn’t just reinforce your values, it enacts them.

Our “Leaders in Gender Equity” continually evaluate, learn, and act. They walk the talk by implementing research-based strategies to create workplaces where people of all genders can thrive regardless of race, sexual orientation, income, age, or family status.

Do the work. Get certified. Stand out.

Everyone should take time to review and dig deep internally. This issue matters, and so many individual policies and practices are in play that no one would ever consider—even those people who think they understand gender equity. Our eyes were opened to the many possibilities and changes we should make.
— QCC Alum, 2018 Summer Cohort